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Preliminary remarks

This manual consists of several parts:


In this manual examples are in monotype face and strings to be input by the user are underlined. In the index the page where a routine is defined is in bold, page numbers where a routine is referenced are in normal type.

This manual flags output parameters in subroutine calls, i.e. parameters which return values to the caller, by an asterisk "*" following the argument's name. If the input value of such a parameter is also significant this is marked by prefixing a second asterisk. A parameter which is a link is marked by an exclamation mark "!".

The types of variables follow from the Fortran default typing convention, except that variables beginning with the letters " ch" are of type CHARACTER.

The Fortran labelled COMMON /\QUEST/IQUEST(100) serves for communication between the Zebra system and the user, and also as scratch area in Zebra.

This document has been produced using LaTeX [1] with the cernman style option, developed at CERN. A gzipped compressed PostScript file, containing a complete printable version of this manual, can be obtained by anonymous ftp as follows (commands to be typed by the user are underlined) gif:

    Connected to
    220 asis01 FTP server (Version 6.10 ...) ready.
    Name (asis01:username): anonymous
    Password: your_mailaddress
    230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
    ftp> cd cernlib/doc/ps.dir
    ftp> binary
    ftp> get
    ftp> quit

Janne Saarela
Mon May 15 08:34:47 METDST 1995